About Me!

Nona Bishop, a first time author sharing her story of triumph through tragedy as an inspiration to young women who can relate to her story. Nona’s experience with life led her to launch eCoaching with Nona in 2016. The mission of the eCoaching series is to provide a convenient, personal, and nurturing, virtual, life coaching experience to empower individuals to move past traumatic experiences and live a fulfilling life. This venture in virtual coaching stems from her twenty plus working in the New York City human services field. Working with individuals that are underrepresented and underserved provoked her desire to help those hurting, healing, and attempting to change their current situations. In addition to holding Master’s level degrees in Psychology and Human Resource Management, Nona also serves as an advisory to BILLIE Girls Mentoring program which provides support and guidance to high school girls.  Nona invites you to follow her on the journey of women empowerment with Love Like Dynamite being her inaugural work to inspire and transform.

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